Statement Sleeves: Timeless and Trendy

Statement sleeves have been around for centuries and although its often been labeled as a “trend” they are seen every season proving they never go out of style. There is just something about statement sleeves that elevate women’s fashion. Statement sleeves add elements of sophistication and fashion forwardness effortlessly. A woman can wear a blouse or dress with a statement sleeve during the daytime to work or school then go out and mingle with friends in the evening. Statement sleeves flatters almost all body types and ages making them aesthetically appealing to college students, working professionals, fashionistas, and mothers who appreciates functional fashion. Statement sleeves are like wearing a statement necklace, they are there to be seen, to draw attention, to attract, and to be adorn. Dresses and blouses with statements sleeves also appear more expensive and richer due to the shapes and designs making them even more reason to wear. Here are a few recommended pieces with statement sleeves:

Floral Print Dress with Back Smocking


The semi-sheer georgette sleeves add allure and femininity. The black statement sleeves modernize the classic floral dress by giving it more texture, depth, and character. The statement sleeves of this dress unifies with its silhouette.

Printed Dress with Neckband

Never Mind Dress
Never Mind Dress

The half-balloon sleeves on this dress adds symmetrical balance and shape. The casual design combined with the feminine neckband, tapered waist, above the knee length, and statement sleeves creates a classic dress with a subtle modern edge. The appeal of statement sleeves such as the half-balloon sleeves on this dress is that it is functional, women can wear this dress in comfort while looking voguish.

Midi Dress with Neck Band

Let your inner bohemian out with this alluring yet demure dress. The half balloon sleeves and neck band enhance this white dress giving it a more feminine persona. The long flowy silhouette of the body combined with the statement sleeves brings it all together creating a wearable masterpiece.

Pleated Top with Frill Sleeves

Soft yet stylish, this stunning Pleated Top with Frill Sleeves will without a doubt make a statement. The pleated details of the front adds depth to the semi-sheer blush pink blouse, while the statement frill sleeves elegantly elongates. The high appeal of statement sleeve blouses are that women can wear them casually or dress them up proving that statement sleeves are both timeless and trendy and money well spent.

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