2019 Fashion Trends: Snakeskin Print

Animal prints in fashion has always been embraced due to the exotic designs and the ability to incorporate them in several pieces of fashion. Cheetah and leopard prints have been gracing the runways and fashion magazines for years proving that animal prints are timeless and always embraced. Another animal print trend that is leading the way is snakeskin. Why snakeskin? Because snakeskin adds elements of richness that the other animal prints may not. When we think of snakeskin we often think of luxury goods such as snakeskin boots or snakeskin bags. Snakeskin prints epitomizes luxe, sophistication, and high-end fashion. The wonderful thing about snakeskin is the versatility it has in fashion.

Pure Georgette Snakeskin Print Top

You don’t have to wear the real thing to enjoy and appreciate this bona fide fashion trend. Unlike leopard or cheetah prints, snakeskin print is visually calming and less attention seeking or gaudy – making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, especially in ladies’ apparel. Snakeskin print fashion also looks more expensive than it actually is because of the exquisite design and prestigious beginnings. A snakeskin print blouse such as the Pure Georgette Snakeskin Print Top is a stunning way to wear this trending style. The gathered neck and loose sleeves with smocking cuff detail is formal enough to wear to a professional setting and stylish enough to wear on a night out. You can also mix snakeskin print blouses with other fabrics such as denim, satin, cotton, and leather to dress it down or dress it up. Layer it with a blazer, cardigan, or statement necklace. Match it up with a pair of stiletto heels, high heel boots, wedges, or flat sandals. The versatility of snakeskin print fashion proves that this trend is timeless. Including a snakeskin print blouse into your wardrobe is a wonderful way to add newness, style, and sophistication. The snakeskin print fashion trend will captivate in any season.

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