The fall and winter months brought a lot of dark colors in fashion, but now that the new year is here brighter colors are being favored. One color in particular has become the newest color trend and can be seen on fashion catwalks and in the most stylish cities around the world. This surprising color is marigold yellow. What exactly is marigold yellow you ask? Marigold yellow is when gold and yellow marry and create a beautiful color that is both lavish and exciting. One look at this color and you can completely understand why it has become a color trend. The color itself is uplifting and positive. It’s bold but not brash so it works well with several color combinations. A little can go a long way and a lot can be pretty amazing to any ensemble. Marigold yellow looks great on basically any skin tone and works well with women of all ages.

A marigold yellow blouse such as Crinkled Georgette Boxpleat Top can instantly add life to a once dull wardrobe. This stunning top can add zest to even the most lack-luster pair of pants, shorts, or skirt. Between the color and design, this top will sure to attract. Vivid, slightly intense, yet sophisticated, this gorgeous marigold top will get you unprompted compliments. Because it is such a commanding color that automatically draws the eyes you don’t have to do too much to enhance it. In other words, you don’t need to add too many accessories to compliment it because it is basically the life of the party – or life of your outfit. Don’t just settle for blacks and browns because they feel safe. Incorporating marigold yellow into your wardrobe will energize while conveying an image of fashion forwardness, which is a must for any stylish trendsetter.

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